Welcome to States of being!

Dear reader, My name is Björn Kroonenburg. As a child I was already in full connection with myself and the universe. Like so many of us, I lost that connection because of social conditioning and certain events in my childhood. I made it my life’s goal to regain the initial connection and to acknowledge and love the being that I always was.

My path

At age 23, I met an energy worker who gave me a treatment. This event spiked my curiosity, and I started a Reiki course myself. The course felt like coming home to a world that was remarkably familiar to me. Thence I studied energy work and a path as lightworker unfolded for me. I was hungry for this new knowledge and initiated in diverse studies and workshops; among which: Reiki master, sound healer, crystal healing, aura surgery, shamanism, medicine wheel, shielding, shaman drum making, plant medicine teacher and curandero in the Amazon, master mesmerism, hypnotherapist, yoga teacher in Nepal, sidha Kundalini training and more. All of these trainings brought me closer and closer to myself, and because of them I was able to acknowledge and embrace myself again.

My personal transformation and the elaborate experience I hold, have allowed me to help lots of people align with their life’s journey again. Hence I decided to found States of Being.

Join forces

I do this together with Joyce. 4 Years ago we met. Joyce is the love of my life and my soulmate, and we share an intense engagement. Her life’s path was also extraordinary and spiritual, and like me, she’s also in full connection to source. We complete each other and join forces to help people. From our loving commitment, our wonderful son Odin was born on 02–12–2021. We are super proud that he strengthens us even more.

Goal of states of being

The goal of States of Being is to aid people in finding their roots again - in close connection to themselves - to find their life’s path and become self-reliant.

We are happy to contribute to humanity by offering various therapies and treatments, group meetings, private sessions and retreat weekends. These events are always aimed at re-owning your love and joy and limiting the effects of social conditioning, so you can come home to yourself again.

I’m proud to do this in collaboration with other therapists and coaches, whom you can find on this website as well. This co-creation strengthens us even more. Together we take care of a beautiful process of transformation and a good integration afterwards.

Below this website, on every page, you see the navigation for this website. Also you find dates to our up coming events and you can log in if you have an account. Have fun reading the topics on or home page and let us know how we can help or if you have any feedback! You can reach out to us by email on info@statesofbeing.eu.