What’s Kambo and how does it work?

What’s Kambo and how does it work?

Kambo or Sapo is a medicine used by the indigenous people of the Amazon area. It’s the secretion of the skin of the giant leaf frog (Phylomedusa Bicolor), also native to the Amazon. The secretion is taken with kindness from the back of the frog and cleanses the body on a physical and emotional level. On a physical level, it purifies the body, because Kambo consists of chemical connections that work analgesic and anti-inflammatory. On top of that, it improves your immune system by eliminating bad bacteria, viruses and parasites. So Kambo functions as a natural vaccination. 

On the emotional level, Kambo cleans out old baggage and aids in letting go of psychological blockages. Since body, mind and soul are 1, Kambo often heals physical ailments and diseases in miraculous ways. 

In what way’s can Kambo work beneficial?

Chronic diseases, fertility problems, stress, depression, fatigue and burnout, intestinal problems (including irritable bowel syndrome), stomach complaints, addictions, Lyme disease, migraines and headaches, circulatory problems, allergies, recovery after illness or prevention against illness, side effects from vaccinations, immune system improvement, skin diseases, fertility problems, hair loss, HIV, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, side effects of chemotherapy, Candida Hepatitis, herpes and more.

Contra-indications Kambo:

  • Kambo is advised against in combination with certain diseases, or the use of certain medication;
  • Heart Problems
  • In combination with medication for low blood pressure
  • If you’ve had a stroke
  • If you’ve had a brain hemorrhage
  • If you have an aneurysm or blood clot
  • With chemotherapy, in consultation, Kambo can be given a week after
  • With immune suppressing medication used for an organ transplant, Addison’s disease
  • With Epilepsy
  • If you have recently had major surgery (wound must be fully healed)
  • During pregnancy or breast-feeding

Kambo in conjunction with the mooncycle a natural vaccination?

If you are called to Kambo, please be aware of the following. Usually a Kambo ceremony is repeated 3 times. If you want to fully regenerate your cells, it’s important to do Kambo 3 times, in conjunction with the moon cycle, so every 28 days (Once per moon cycle is about once per month and a total of 3 times). Because cells in the human body regenerate once every 28 days, you are naturally vaccinated after 3 Kambo treatments!

Kambo can be repeated more often with severe complaints. For example, once a week, three times a month. Together, we adapt the treatment to your needs.

Preparation for a Kambo ceremony:

  • To prepare yourself as well as possible for a Kambo ceremony, you should avoid meat and fish for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Avoid sugar and spicy foods.
  • Start avoiding alcohol and coffee 3 days prior to ceremony. And quit all hard drugs for a minimum of one week prior to the ceremony.
  • To be exquisitely prepared, it can be rewarding to do a juice and soup fast for one day or longer prior to ceremony. This is not an obligation, but it’s a beautiful way to amplify the purification process.
  • Eat a lot of organic produce.

Planning a session?

Do not plan any other appointments on the day of your Kambo ceremony, so you can get the rest you’ll need after this intens cleansing. About a week prior to the ceremony, there will be an intake by phone, where we will go over the form you’ll be sent.

Questions? Or book a private kambo session? Email to info@statesofbeing.eu.

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