Rapé is all about recieving, making the connection with your hart and feel, see and listen to your needs. We make a sacred space and welcome you to one of the locations in Holland or other places arround the world. We make live music, and also work with different music artist and healers. A group ceremonie is a nice way to selfhealing, your investment is 88 euro.

Everything you need is already inside you. We are thankfull to work with rapé and be the mirror that helps you transform what no loger serve you. The sacred Rapé we work with is handmade from the tribes in Brasil. You can also work with it yourself if you hear the calling, for yourself or with clients. We can help you with a starter kit and a self applier (kuripe).

You recieve 3 rounds of rapé during the ceremonie. We use different blends, all with their own qualities. We welcome you to a save sacred space to be with yourself and your proces. Whilst you are enjoying the live music and recieve channeld healing frequenties. If you want to join a ceremony, send your email to info@statesofbeing.eu.