Private ceremony

We all deserve feelings of safety and healing. For those of us affected by trauma, we must move forward from our painful experiences and find a way to live again. We open and clear your physical, emotional and spiritual body. In a private session there is only space for you and your story. You also receive personal channeld sound healing and downloads.

What to expect?

If you want to book a private session email to, we wil contact you first by phone for the intake call. What do you need? What are your intentions? After that we send you the adres and further details. We Invite you to a nice place near by the woods, in a sacred and safe space we welcome you with love. After this you can contact us if you need us, we guide you personal if needed in your proces.

What other people experience?

“Joyce is for me the best person to go to for (r)ape. Off course the medicine is beautiful on it self, but she really puts an extra dimension to it. She doesn’t only give you what you ask for, but also what you need. And she does it so pure, respectful, loving and without judgement. She really sees you and wants you to be the best version of you. For me, trust is a big deal. I don’t show myself to a lot of people, but to Joyce I do. She’s also a fantastic space holder and makes sure everything is safe and in place to heal and grow. I also recommend going with your partner or relative. Because she makes sure that you connect with your higher self, but also with the other. From the heart. Your relation with yourself as well as the other is better in tune. Bjorn for me, is a real gate keeper such a strong pow. ower. A beautiful force to complement the divine en feminine Joyce.” – Joy